This year, we’ve been preparing many of our own bonuses and opt-ins.  The reason for this is that we’ve had to almost re-start many aspects of the business all over again since leaving the PLR Experts Partnership (as you know, I – Charles— am no longer creating content or videos with anyone…it’s now just Laurel and I). 

So, when we do a recommendation, we try to add something I’ve personally created to the resources we provide. And over the last six months, someone will ask us… “Hey, I don’t really want the product you’re promoting.  But I do want your bonus.  Will you sell me just the bonus?” 

We almost always say no to this for reasons that would take too long to get into here. And since leaving the partnership, we’ve decided no longer to discount our PLR at all for any reason.  Even for a holiday sale. 
(The exception to this is for Ultimate Insiders for whom we do provide discounts.) 

So, the question was, how can we continue the tradition of doing a 4th of July sale without discounting? Answer? Give you access to the bonuses that we added over the last six months at a huge sweet smelling discount.  There are over 100 videos in the package. And to make it special, we’ve decided to un-restrict the rights from the videos that I have created.  Get them all here until the sale ends (which we will be doing without warning):