Last night I did Part 1 of the Success Path for using PLR videos in 2021.  Even though this was a private call for Ultimate Insiders, I’ve decided to make the replay available to the entire community. For the first part of the session I do specifically address the MMO (Zoo/W+) market.  If you want to watch only for the portion where I trained for individuals looking to build outside of the MMO market, go to the 25:02 mark in the video:

Part 2 Will Be for Insiders Only 

I want to be clear that Part 2 will be for Ultimate Insiders Only.  While I’m not sure when I will do Part 2, the only way you can participate will be an Insider.  Go here to get signed up:

Xtreme 2.0 Still Available But Going Up 

Price increases with Xtreme 2.0 are perpetual.  Every time I add in a new pre-sell I will raise the price. This is the content you can use to do your weekly workshops as I suggest.   Get it here if you’re not yet signed up as an Ultimate Insider:

Book Recommendations 

Also, I was asked about book recommendations on the call and here is my list for PLR users in 2021: