Sunday, we will release StreamYard PLR to you.  Again, if you’re an Ultimate Insider, you already have it in your March 2021 Folder. To access the content and more go here: 

24 Additional Videos 

There are 24 additional PLR videos with full PLR rights that we’ve added to the Firelauncher’s content released yesterday.  Those 24 videos fall into 3 courses with their own marketing pages and materials.  They’re all related to “Google”: 
1) YouTube Channel Boost
2) YouTube SEO
3) Google Image Search 

If you are considering, make sure to read my full written review from yesterday’s newsletter.  And while you’re at it, make sure to whitelist us and put us in your contacts in your email provider. Go here to get our additional videos + the new PLR release: 

Questions About Implementation for Part 1 of the PLR Success Path 

Before I prepare for Part 2 of the 2021 PLR Success Path training, I will ask that you write in your challenges or questions regarding implementation. The best way to do it for now is to write them into the comment area in the actual YouTube.  I will be able to respond to you there. Note though that Part 2 will be done for Ultimate Insiders exclusively.  But as I have said, with Part 1, if you truly implement it, there is more than enough there to get you moving in the right direction. And you will start to figure out a great many things for yourself. So, if you’ve watched the training, write your questions in there and then I will answer you there.   If you’ve not watched the success path training go here: 

If You Think I’m Hard…I’m Not, I’m Actually Easy 

I’ve had the feeling like you may think that doing a weekly workshop is overkill and that you can’t do it. You’re lucky…I’m actually being easy on you. For the last 3 days, I have been watching a 10 hour series that  Russell Brunson did on Expert Secrets. He’s telling people that they need to go live EVERY DAY until they get traction (and that he’s still doing the same). So, however onerous you think that the 2021 PLR Success Path is just think.  It could be a lot worse. I could be asking you to do a workshop every day. That said… One of the things that will make it easy is for you to get and use our workshop content.   And I actually put that together for you (along with your own product to sell here: