There are a few differences that need to be outlined about our most recent PLR Title on Mailchimp.  Yes, there is an advanced version of an additional hour of content. And if you get everything, you’d only be out $37. But if you were an Ultimate Insider, you’d be out $27 for the month of December. Just to do the math. 

So, you have a couple of options…you can get our Mailchimp video PLR with its advanced version here: 

Or you get become an Insider here (the best deal):

If You Have IMers in Your Circle 

If you already have IMers in your circle, you’ll probably want to make sure that you have content to teach them about PLR in general.  My friend and colleague Tiffany has released a limited edition content package about the subject. Because she is only giving 50 people the content, I don’t know how long it will be available…but you can get access to it here: 

Also, Firelaunchers recently released a topical content package on Traffic.  We’ve added resources to it here: