The average IMer under utilizes video PLR.  That’s typically because we accept the principle of: 
1) Slapping your name on it, or
2) Selling it within the Zoo/W+ market, or
3) Getting it in front of people without building a list, or
4) Building a list without an audience, or
5) Putting the PLR in several places instead stacking it in one place. 

I’ve tried to counter this in training for you:

Core Principle #1: Put All of Your Video PLR in One Place to Build a Learning Center Membership 

As you accumulate video PLR, you should have it creatively in one place.  And you should be adding value to it all of the time. And you should be using this as your highest priced offer in your funnel for your best customers. And you should be charging monthly. That is the business model I gave you the PLR rights to, so that you could teach your customers the model. Get it here:

Core Principle #2: Build an Audience Alongside of Your List 

This was the basis for building out the structures needed over the course of 30 Days.  If you follow the system, you will be on your way to getting people engaged BEFORE you re-make the PLR into your own. If you’re trying to get it quickly and race to get it on Zoo or W+, there will always be somebody faster with a bigger list. Don’t play this game. Don’t teach your customers and students to play this game. Do and teach this instead:

Core Principle #3: Understand the Difference Between the MMO Market in Zoo/+ and Your Own Niche 

I took great pains to explain the nature of the Zoo/+ market and how you should view it. It stands on its own. Most people ignore what I say in there and continue to try to do IM as if it is a ‘business.’  And because of it, they approach the whole thing wrong and frustrate themselves. Everything I said in this 17 hour course is a cure for: 
1) Information Overload
2) Shiny Object Syndrome 

If you or your customers have it, and you haven’t gone through the 30 Day Challenge, I can state with some certainty that you are in danger of being in the same cycle this time next year. If you have it, this is a good time to go over it again. If you have students, and you haven’t taught them what’s in here, I won’t go as far as to say you’re doing them a disservice. But I will say that if they don’t know this, there are things that they don’t understand that will continue to hurt them and keep you as their coach bailing them out. Get it here:

Core Principle #4: Take a Giant Leap Into Your Sub-Niche; Don’t Try to Pay Your Dues or Climb the Ladder 

If you find yourself stymied for traffic/traction, it may be time to try something a little more radical. There are really complex systems for summits. And honestly, you should be teaching them to your students and customers. Why big local brands don’t do this, I don’t understand. No worries…you can both do one and teach your customers to do one.   Go here to get our PLR: 


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