One of the things that we do with all Ultimate Insiders is an onboarding call.  The call is promised to be 15 minutes, but it tends to go a little longer. To a person, the thing that we eventually have to get to discuss is: 
1) Their list
2) Their audience 

If they don’t have one…how will they build one? If you don’t have one and are not building one, that means that your business model is limited to trying to claw your way into the Zoo/W+ launch world. Fine, if that’s what you want to do. I’m in it. There is nothing wrong with it. But there are so many more markets of people that want to have a business education, that are open to having people of intelligence and integrity teach them. Here are a few examples of the types of businesses you can teach them about:  
1) Local Online Business
2) Local Brick and Mortar Business
3) Husband and Wife Business
4) Ex-Network Marketer Business
5) Divorcee Business
6) RV Lifestyle Business
7) Ethnic Business
8) Ex-Corporate Business
9) Author Business 

I could go on and on… 

The new truth:  There is a new list and audience waiting for you and how you teach it and say it. 

The old (but still true) truth: You need a list and audience. 

You can use both of these to get people interested in your PLR offers.  And if you have it, you can sell just about anything you want. Seriously…hear me on this. It’s more important what you add to a PLR package that is audience- and niche-specific, and less important how you go through the technical process of “making it your own.” 

Now, I know you don’t believe me. It’s okay. I dare you though to start doing workshops to build an audience and making offers with your own niche-specific personal spin. And yes, I know that technically the reason you become part of a PLR membership like Ultimate Insiders IS the content.  I know that. I’ve quietly had this new truth ever since I restarted Ultimate Insiders in 2020.  I knew/know it’s just as important for you to build an audience as it is for you to know the technical details of setting it up. Hence the unplanned bonuses that I add along the way; I add them as I discover things. 

The new truth about your PLR is that you need to find your people and get them interested.   Yes, even before they see your Learning Center offer. And if you want an audience outside of Zoo/W+ there is no short or easy way to do it. But once you have one, it’s way easier to establish your income than anything you see happening in the launch world. Okay, ‘mini-rant’ over.  Tomorrow, I need to finish Product Snowball Formula Videos for you. Go here to become an Ultimate Insider: 

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