Laurel has been taking some formal training on membership building and has been after me about what a success path would look like for the people in our community. If you don’t have one that you’re teaching, I can give you a starting point.  It’s using your PLR to create value to build continuity in a subniche.  It’s what I taught here and what I think you too should be teaching:

It’s Why Ultimate Insiders Is Structured the Way It Is 

You will benefit from being an Ultimate Insider if all you want is a deal on PLR Videos. Getting our videos on a monthly basis means that you can add new video content to your learning center monthly to keep your subscribers engaged. Remember, you’re getting: 
1) 1 full Funnel every month
2) All of our Updates 

And beyond that you benefit from support: 
1) Monthly Q and A
2) Ask Me Anything Priority Support 

And as of right now, you can still benefit from our bonus tools to build your learning center 
1) A Cloud Based Learning Center Platform
2) A Translation and Transcription Desktop App 

This puts you on the path to building out your own continuity site with massive value:

It’s Why We Turn Down Some Software Vendors and Recommend Others 

That’s why we turn down some software vendors that ask us to evaluate their products (even if we know, like and trust them and even if you buy them from others).  At the same time, that’s why we recommend others to you (regardless of our feelings about the person). 

The star of the show is the “Path for Success,” and we see these tools and inventory as good for you to build out your learning center for continuity, such as video hosting for your learning center. 

This weekend, the folks at Kaptiwa re-opened their code to be used at 67% off. I have no idea how long this will be available, but as of right now, you can get it here with these codes: 
For the Starter Version “jvzsplstart” for 67% OFF
For the Commercial Version “jvzsplpro” for 67% OFF 

You can see my demo here: 

You can go direct to the page here:

Personal Note  

Laurel and I are two episodes behind on “The Last Dance,” so we didn’t see the finale last night.  We put a laptop on our kitchen table to watch episodes 7 and 8 on ESPN. 

Something struck me about this week’s episodes happened at the end of episode 7. Jordan seemed to break/crack when questioned closely about whether he was a tyrant to work with. Totally apart from whether some of this questioning of him is about the times being different (you could argue it was more “okay” to be brusque at the time it happened than now), was his response: “If you don’t want to play that way, don’t play that way.” It’s an interesting response… 

What do you say when questioned about being on your computer so much for things that haven’t worked out yet?  What will you say when you finally get where you’re going about what you did to get there? His team mates hated it at the time, but liked the rewards–and like and understand them now.   

What I do see here is that you and I have to not judge what we are putting in based on what we think we see others putting into IM. We have to decide on a goal, and balance what we are and aren’t willing to sacrifice for what we want. And then we have to be willing to live with the results.