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What Subjects Will Be Covered in the 20+ Videos?

  • 0001 - ChatGPT Plus Paid Version- Photorealistic
  • 0003 - Free App Claude Chatbot
  • 0005 - Free App - Google Bard - Interate with Midjourney Parameters
  • 0007 - Create Anime With Niji
  • 0009 - Shorten Command
  • 0011 - Stylize Parameter
  • 0013 - Video Parameter
  • 0015 - Multi Prompting
  • 0017 - Seed Parameters
  • 0019 - Stop Parameter
  • 0002 - ChatGPT Plus - Paid Version Mixer Box Plugin
  • 0004 - Free App - Llama2 Model PerplexityAI
  • 0006 - Free App - Microsoft Bing Chat
  • 0008 - Niji - Style
  • 0010 - Default Model - Style Parameter
  • 0012 - Tile Parameter
  • 0014 - Weird Parameter
  • 0016 - Permutations Prompting
  • 0018 - Quality Parameter
  • 0020 - Show Jobs

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SuperFast Action Bonus
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