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This Awesome Business In a Box Package Can Help You to Build Your Authority AND Profits

  • Establish Trust

    Provide Reliable High Quality Information and Content That Your Customers Can Use With Confidence

  • Be An Authority

    Create A Presence In Your Niche By Tailoring the Information To Their Specific Needs

  • Keep All of the Profit

    Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor…100% of All you Sell Is Yours!

  • Sell To Hungry Buyers

    Get Started With Topics That Marketers Have Proven They’ll Buy

  • Build Your List

    Use The Content As Bait To Build A Huge Responsive List

  • Crush It As An Affilaite

    Use Your Content As a High Quality Bonus for Relevant Offers

Mike Broadwell

The level of quality and depth of content in your PLR products is excellent for the price, and well above what I expected. Would recommend them to anyone looking to get a good start at creating useful content for your clients and customers.

Mike Broadwell, Breakthrogh Factory

Announcing 3 Powerful Training Products With YOU As the Creator That You Can Sell At 100% Profit With UNRESTRICTED Private Label Rights

Help Marketers Create Income From Their Expertise

In the information economy, it's more than your labor that you need to optimize, it is also your expertise.  Anyone that wants to learn what it is you learn should compensate you for the time you expended to learn it.  This is something that you already know as an information marketer.

Teach Your Tribe the Easiest Way Get Started In the Internet Marketing Scene

There is no doubt that product creation and launching is the best way to begin building a business.  And the easiest place to get started in Warrior Plus.

But there are lots of technical twists and turns that have to be navigated in order for your clients to get their product up and running.  But, we've now got you covered.  We're going to walk step by step through the process of launching on the platform.

Help Marketers Build the Most Important Skill Needed for Any Business

The only thing that a company truly owns in the digital space is their list.  It is their only true digital asset. If their home burned to the ground, they could restart their business with their list.

But how do you get set up to start building?  This is a common question among people that just get started as internet marketers or entrepreneurs.

And now you have the answers and a step by step guide to talk them through it.

"Charles presents valuable information in a clear, easy to understand way...."

Jeremey Terrier

Session One
MP4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights
43 Minutes

  • Overview
  • Staging Your Deliverable
  • Hosting Your Streaming Content
  • Hosting Your Deliverables

Session Two
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights
50 Minutes

  • Packaging Your Content
  • Setting Up Your Download Page

Session Three
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights
57 Minutes

  • Download Pages (Cont)
  • Page Protection
  • Hybrid Methods
  • Automated Methods

Session Four
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights
26 Minutes

  • What Affiliate Systems Do
  • Affiliate Management Systems
  • Recruiting Affilaites
  • Shopping Carts

Session Five
MP4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights
53 Minutes

  • Overview
  • Building Relationships
  • Funnel Hacking
  • Order of Operations
  • Using Warrior Plus
  • Systematic Contact
  • Niche Relationships
  • Methods of Establishing First Contact

Session Six
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights
1 Hour 10 Minutes

  • Attaining Relevant Graphics
  • Building An Opt-In Page
  • Creating The Thank You Page
  • Building A Delivery Page

Session Seven
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights
53 Minutes

  • Thank You Page (Cont)
  • Delivery Pages (Con't)
  • Confirmation E-Mail Set Up
  • Content For The First E-Mail

Session Eight
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights
55 Minutes

  • Buyer Infiltration Method Introduction
  • Buyer Infiltration Partner Page Ads
  • Choosing A Partner
  • Creating A Sales Page
  • Mechanics of the Buyer Infiltration Method
  • Maximizing The Buyer Infiltration Method

Session Nine
MP4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights

  • Overview
  • Creating a Warrior Plus Offer
  • Affiliate Information
  • Setting Up a JV Blog
  • Creating A Product Listing
  • Setting Up a Delivery URL
  • Setting Up Support
  • Order of Operations
  • Offer Settings
  • Your JV Page
  • Autoresponder JVs
  • Creating A Thank You Page
  • Product Notifcations
  • Payment System: Stripe and Paypal

Session Ten
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights

  • Overview
  • Pricing Details in Warrior Plus
  • Connecting To Your Autoresponder
  • Custom Integration
  • Connecting Your Product to Your Offer
  • Activating the Offer
  • Doing Support During the Launch
  • Dimesales On Warrior Plus
  • Membership Integration
  • Setting the Product Affiliate Rate
  • Creating Upsells
  • Scheduling Your Launch

Session Eleven
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights

  • Overview
  • Creating a JV Bonus Page
  • Autoplaying Your Sales Video
  • Sales Graphics
  • Staying In Touch with Affiliates
  • Approving Affiliates
  • Pop Over Codes in Autoreponders
  • Setting Up Your Affiliate Page
  • Doing Your Sales Video
  • Benefit Bullets
  • Buy Buttons
  • Sales Funnel Buy Buttons
  • Exit Pop Overs
  • Consistency With Product Graphics

Session Twelve
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights

  • Affiliate Bonus Page Isssues
  • Content Delivery
  • Affiliate Tracking Links
  • Hiding Pages from the Search Engines
  • Doing Test Purchases
  • Naked Links During Your Launch
  • Collecting Testimonials
  • Delivery and Download Pages
  • Vendor Tracking Links
  • Creating URLs for Delivery Pages
  • Turning Your Offer On Public
  • Affiliate Relationships

Bonus Session Thirteen
Mp4 Video with
Unrestricted Private Label Rights

  • Alternate Offers
  • Exit Redirects
  • JV Revenue Sharing for a Limited Time
  • JV Revenue Sharing Limited by Gross Revenues
  • JV Contests
  • Coupons
  • Optin Box Offers
  • JV Contracts
  • JV Revenue Limited by Number of Sales
  • Contest Public and Private Displays
  • JV Coupons
  • JV Coupon Assigned to Specific Affiliates

Each Comes with A High Quality
Mp3 Companion Audio Course
With Unrestricted PLR Rights

Lead Magnet Content for Each Course

Professional Sales and Thank You Page For Each Course

Lead Magnet Set Up Pages

Okay Charles, This is a Great Deal..What Can All I Do To Make Money With This Package?

  • CERTAINLY, You can and should use the course for your own business!
  • You'll Make Out Like A Bandit If You Sell It in Dime Sale Events...Go For It!
  • Be Adventurous...Change It Into a Physical Product and Sell It Offline or At a Seminar
  • Take Charge, put your name on it as the author
  • Don't's flexible, so you can change stuff to make it fit your individual business
  • While you're at it, if you need to change it into a book, a long video or long audio; be my guest; they call that repurposing these days.
  • I'm all for getting more money, so combine it with another product and sell it at a higher price
  • Live that "affiliate lifestyle", use this product as a bonus for your affiliate offer
  • Bonuses make products HOT, so use this as a bonus on your launch
  • I could say more, but check out the certificate inside!