Yesterday, I said that building an audience and having them support you was as “old as Socrates.”  Turns out, Socrates was probably not the best example. He died broke. And was functionally executed. So that makes him a bad example of how to best use your PLR. And definitely NOT the way you want to build and audience, even though you may be down with the struggle and willing to die for your cause. There is a better example, though. Aristotle and Plato on the other hand BOTH had their own academies.  That IS the way you want to build an audience. Your academy is basically the Learning Center I taught about in E-Learning Playbook.  And you want to keep filling it up with good video content such as the PLR video course I have coming up on Streamyard. Get it first by becoming an Ultimate Insider, where I give you other tools to build your academy.  Go here:

More Videos to Add to Your Learning Center 

I recently told you about the videos that we were adding to those that Francis is putting together. We’re adding videos and marketing materials with the following titles: 
Smart OTO Blueprint
Sales Funnel Fast Track
Survey Funnel Fast Track 

These were all recorded by Stephen Luc when he was doing videos (he’s now retired from creation).  Stephen was good at explaining things on a theoretical plane. These videos are unique in that you’re getting full PLR rights to them.  Which means you can sell PLR to your customer. Mostly, though, they are great additions to your Learning Center. You’ll get them when you get Francis’ videos on funnel building. Go here to get them:

Part 6 From Tiffany Lambert 

Tiffany Lambert has released Part 6 of her limited content series.  And for once, I am telling you about it as it is released rather than once it’s closed. I have a pretty good system now of keeping them all on one page. So, the only way you’ll get an “invalid link” is that she’s sold all 50 and it’s effectively sold out. Written content like those that she is producing these days is a good way to leave breadcrumbs to lead your prospect to your marketing funnel. Go here to see the offers that are still valid: