Today, I want to let you know up front that my bonus isn’t very related to the product I’m going to recommend to you.  There is a reason for that. The project is Facebook Shops and I have already ordered a set of graphics to do this as a video course later in the year.  So giving you a mini-course of videos on it right now wouldn’t give it the treatment that I’d like to give it.   I’m sure you understand… 

So, what I’ve decided to do is to give you PLR and Repurpose Rights to the machine transcriptions (97% accuracy) of my 46-week series Xtreme Business Makeover. This was a live series I taught across one calendar year. That’s not a direct compliment to the course, but it’s a very versatile set of content that you can use in any of your projects.   It’s going to take me a few days to get it all uploaded to Searchie and then get the machine transcripts downloaded. 

Of course, I want to get TikTok released to you first. So, if you need immediate gratification in terms of a bonus,…I’m sure some of my colleagues can offer you that.  But if you can hold out for my Xtreme Business Makeover transcripts, it will be worth the wait and will benefit you long past getting this PLR. Go here to get the Facebook Shops Course:

The Best Way to Get Our Clubhouse Videos 

The best way to get our Clubhouse Videos (and our next release on TikTok) quite honestly, is to become an Ultimate Insider. For me to list out all of the bonuses and advantages you’d get would make the newsletter long and preachy. I will say that if you’re an Insider, tomorrow, you’re going to get access to my entire catalog for $5.50 per product ($11.00 for upsells). Because I am turning 55, I am doing a “double nickel” sale.   Go here to watch our interest meeting, then get signed up:

More New Releases From Tiffany Lambert 

Recently, I have been keeping Tiffany’s Limited Releases on one page when there are more than one open at a time. Note…if the offer is over, they will go to an Invalid Page. That’s a part of the process I don’t control. So, if you go there and there is still a sales page, that means that she’s not sold out of all 50. Go here to see what she’s released in the way of Limited Edition Content here: