Today, I will be adding a bonus video to the advanced version of our StreamYard over-the-shoulder instructional tutorial video PLR course.  What I am teaching in this video is how you can rebrand your PLR videos using StreamYard. So, if you have PLR learners and users in your audience this will be a good video for them to see. Also in the advanced version is: 
1) A share code to CoachZippy so you can direct import the course into your account (you must have CoachZippy to do this)
2) Streaming access to the course in Teachable, so that you can watch the course from your desktop and the Teachable mobile app  

This can help you when you are trying to determine how you want to structure your promotion of the course. If you’re an Ultimate Insider, you will get both the basic and advanced course as part of your membership and it’s available inside of the March 2021 Folder.  You also have CoachZippy as a member benefit, you’ll just need to write to me in Support to have me set up an account for you. Go here to sign up as an Ultimate Insider: 

Go here to get the course (make sure to get the advanced version too): 

Creating Cheat Sheets: My Interview with Amy Harrop 

This weekend, I did an interview with Amy Harrop and we discussed how you can use her new software application to beef up your information products with custom cheat sheets. It’s an interesting application and as you know, Amy is a stand-up marketer–to my knowledge, she doesn’t leave a trail of what I call “dead bodies” with her software.  She makes sure it works. I think you’ll pick that up when you watch my interview with her. Go here to see the interview and then get her app: 

My Mind Is Still Made Up 

I’ve not changed my mind about rebranding or remaking PLR videos.  I really haven’t. I’ve been saying for almost a year, that I don’t think you should be re-recording videos. But this is something that is now easier to do with platforms like StreamYard and Restream. So, I can relax my stance a bit. That said, I still think that you’d be better served focusing your time on branding out your Learning Center.  Or at minimum, give it equal time to rebranding videos before you sell them. In any case, I’ve linked the watermarked version of the video. Naturally, the watermark will not appear in the PLR version.  It’s just a matter of moving the video of me off the editor timeline and re-rendering the video. Go here to see this method and leave your comments there on the actual video page to let me know what you think: