Today, I am going to start walking through the process of building a Learning Center with you.  This is the sequel to E-Learning Playbook. It’s called the Learning Center Hackathon. We’ve already gone through the theory of a Learning Center and spent time understanding the business model. Now it’s time for you to roll up your sleeves and actually get it built. Here’s the thing; once it’s built, it’s built.  You only add to it and continually rebrand it based on what the market wants. We’ll do this in four sessions, covering: 
1) Integrations
2) Hosting and Storage
3) The Delivery Platform
4) The Membership and Cart 

We will work with as many of your existing tools as possible.  What you’ll do between sessions is the work of constructing your learning center. And you’ll come back with any additional questions that you have. Get signed up here:

What is a Video Learning Center? 

This was the scenario I laid out for you as to how to use all of your Video PLR.  It was explained fully in E-Learning Playbook over the course of 3 hours. However, we only spent a little bit of time on the actual building of the platform. In this course, we will walk through the process, step by step. And if done right, you will have your platform built by the time the whole situation is over.   So, if you’ve wanted an excuse to finish your platform, go here: