I’ve been told by mentors and marketers that I’m not supposed to spend time talking too much about myself. That I shouldn’t make it personal.
That you generally don’t care about me or what I am going through…you only care about you and whether or not I can help you with what I’m offering. But I want to tell you about what went into this Learning Center and how it’s 8 months in the making, and 7 months after I taught and released the core philosophy behind it as PLR. And why it’s not just another “offer.”

The Content Itself 

I have been teaching IMers and PLR marketers via YouTube for literally years. All of that content has been on my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/GainMindshare) but not everyone knows it. And when I get asked a question, I can confidently direct you to my channel to get the answer.  All of that content is now in the Learning Center.

For all of 2018 and 2019, I created PLR video courses on a weekly basis with a partner–get that, weekly. By the time 2019 ended, I was fried; but I’d created well over 100 courses, most, if not all, of them fairly evergreen. The partner and I split, and all 100+ of those courses are now in the Learning Center. And I am going to be adding the courses I did prior to 2018, again, most if not all of them evergreen.   So, that means that you’ll be able to search all of it on demand. 

The Platform 

I have experimented with just about every platform known to man.  Just ask the Ultimate Insiders, they know I did.  I built one up, just to tear it right back down. Re-built one on another platform, only to tear it down. I taught an accountability course on building out the Learning Center (that course is now in the Black Friday offer); worked to finish, only to be told by my host that a big change was coming that would make everything easy. So, I put it on hold…waited for my host. Said host then revealed their update. It wasn’t what I wanted and didn’t do what I wanted. So, I had to readjust. 

I’d already done a PLR Video course on Teachable where I learned and taught the process.  I decided to combine my video host, which is super-pricey, with Teachable, which is also a pricey solution. And now, we have it, seven months later…and when you think about, this isn’t just 7 months in the making, really, it’s more like 10 years in the making. And if you’ve gone through E-Learning Playbook, you know I believe in it so much that: 
1.) I’m offering access to my local Meetup and positioning it be sold as a monthly  
2) I’m also going to be teaching the business model in my local area too.  

So, when you see this, you will now know what’s IN this and what’s behind it.  Go here to get the Learning Center and the Black Friday offer with it. (Note, the pricing goes up Thursday night at midnight.) 

P.S. Yes, it’s personal.