This year, we’ve worked on building a Learning Center–a place where you could have all of your video PLR and people could pay one price to get it.  Then you could add value to it every month by adding new PLR–just like Netflix.

I have been thinking about this since a marketer that I follow closely, Ben Settle, has been talking about building a universe for your customers…like Marvel or DC.  A cinematic universe. But how do you build a “cinematic universe” with your video PLR? 

One way to do it is to have your “stars” cross-over. Remember how Tony Stark appears in Hulk? How Ant Man appears in Captain America?  And those appearances focused on one goal and one big picture and one story. 

You can do the same thing with your video PLR. That way, you’re not just selling “a product” or a “course,” just as Marvel was never selling you just a “movie.” They were selling you the franchise…the narrative…the story.  And that’s one reason why by the time YEARS later, when we got to Endgame, it broke records. 

So, I will be helping you to do this with your instructional PLR content, starting with Thinkific.  This is why I’ve decided to move the launch to Monday instead of Saturday.  I am going to be creating connections between various PLR courses, specifically in the Advanced version(s). That means with every video course you have, you’ll have multiple direct connections to other products…within the content itself.  

And this is right in line with my schedule for this year. This will mean that your customer, while he or she is in one product, will be able to see the logical reason that they need to learn from many of your other products–products you already have from us. They’ll need to buy more from you, in effect. We’ll be building your LCU (Learning Center Universe) from now until…so, don’t think small in terms of school. In fact, close your ‘school’ if you have to. Think BIG for your customer in terms of their universe. And then create it for them. And rule it. For their own good. Video by video. 

Don’t worry; I’ll do the hard work for you. That’s part of why MY local workshop is actually important to you. Even if you never attend a single session (and you actually shouldn’t). I will be explaining this in a webinar on Monday, as well as in a special training inside of the Thinkific PLR.  So stay tuned, my friend.   

Where You Can Build Your Learning Center Universe 

As I’ve said earlier, I only look at software apps and recommend them when they fit in with the Learning Center business model in some way. So, this week, I’ve looked at two of them and have one more to do. I’ve asked the third vendor to allow me to see it in action, but we will see what he says. I’ve not heard from him back yet. 

One of the two I’ve reviewed, the Courserious App, doesn’t do everything that I wanted, but it does the right things well. You can sell it for a high price for an annual or one time fee and put all of your content into one course.  You’d section it off. You may like this better than trying to get people to commit to monthly, which is definitely harder to do. Go here to get it: 

Or go straight to the page here:

The Best Way to Rule Your Universe 

The best way to build your universe and rule it is to have all of the tools available. There are a number of things available to Ultimate Insiders that if you’re not one, you won’t hear about nor get. For example, Insiders get access to licenses of software such as: 
Academy Pro 

That, in addition to workshop scripts that others don’t get, to market your PLR. Look, rather than try to tell you about everything…go to our interest meeting here: 

Or go straight to the page here: