Today, the launch pricing ends for CloudFunnels.  The pricing will go to monthly by the end of this evening. This system allows you to create your own funnel builder on your domain so that you own it.  And even more importantly, you can import WP pages or your PLR sales pages. (Remember as part of your bonus I have given you instructions on how to import your PLR sales pages.)  Go here to see my entire package of additional resources: 

By now, you have a good idea of whether it can help you to use and sell your PLR.  If not, we’ve done demos showing you how it workshere. 

How to Connect CloudFunnels to Your Learning Center in Coachzippy 

If you are an Ultimate Insider, you already have as part of your membership a Learning Center platform, which is Coachzippy.  In fact, you have features and a configuration that they no longer make available on their website.  There is no direct integration, but you choose to create a funnel where you are offering a PLR video course on the front end and your Learning Center on the back end.  This is actually where you should present the offer of your Learning Center.  See this demo here:

Comparison: How to Add a Bonus to Your Page in HTML and in CloudFunnels 

A member of the Insider Community recently asked if I could help her refresh her knowledge on adding bonuses to her PLR sales pages. So, I did a video to show this. I thought it was a good opportunity to give you the video so you could also see how to do it as well as to see how the process would be slightly different in CloudFunnels.  Go see the process here:

Personal Note

I think I am at Supplement Overload. Officially. Also, I try to do 5 liters of water (I think that’s 160 ounces) and I have to think that’s probably more important than all of this stuff along with an hour on the treadmill. But, “that’s how they get ya”… Once you start the supplements, then you stop and you have some kind of adverse effect, you go back to taking the supplements.  You think, “maybe this thing was actually working.” Who knows though. Because if I don’t have a cup of coffee then I don’t care about the supplements.  And as I understand it, I am undoing a great deal of the good that I do with the supplements and diet. 

And that is where I think we need to be with our continuity program.  We need to do enough good that people kind of think twice about giving it up, even if sometimes there are only traces of evidence that it’s doing good. So, keep focused on building out a good solid Learning Center and turn it into a “digital supplement” for your audience.  Laurel and I are here to help.