There was a request on our Ultimate Insider call for training videos on how to use CoachZippy to build out your video Learning Center.  That will be tricky to do while producing our video titles over the rest of the year, but I am committing to do it. The series will initially be available to Ultimate Insiders exclusively, and will eventually be moved to the general public.  

The reason it won’t start publicly is that it won’t be a comprehensive tutorial on CoachZippy.  Its focus will be how to build out the video Learning Center that I teach in E-Learning Playbook PLR.  I want to make sure it’s helpful before I put it out there, as I may actually sell the training if it’s helpful or add it to E-Learning Playbook. 

The video Learning Center system is a business model that is specific to video PLR which you can execute (or teach your customers to execute): 
1) Without going through the process of rebranding videos that I taught
2) And without going through the set up process that I have taught.

Instead of worrying over the technical part of the video rebranding you can spend your time on branding yourself and marketing yourself.   Get E-Learning Playbook here:

CoachZippy Still Available as Part of Ultimate Insiders 

By the way, the CoachZippy platform is still available to Ultimate Insider users as part of your membership. When you sign up during our open enrollment period, all you have do is to request that I add you to the platform. You technically have a platform where you can embed, use and sell your videos. This is really another reason that I feel like I want to start with Insiders since I know for sure you have it.  

Ultimate Insiders is currently closed to the public.  It will re-open the day before I release the next PLR title, Sales Funnel Playbook. You can sign up for the waitlist here: