I am seeing articles now where Facebook is looking to create its own version of Clubhouse (thanks for sharing, David & Dana). Which basically means that this network is going to be a player and probably isn’t a flash-in-the-pan.  These guys are basically competing for your customer who is probably going to be in one or both places. You and I don’t have to be in love with the new network, but we do need to be able to know enough to explain it to our customers.  Make sure you have our most recent PLR video release on Clubhouse to do that: 

Or get our Clubhouse PLR as well as our upcoming title on TikTok by becoming an Ultimate Insider.  In fact, the request for Clubhouse actually came from one of our Insiders. Go here to get signed up: 

Going “Old School”: FB Groups 

It’s pretty funny that with TikTok and Clubhouse, getting deep into Facebook Groups is now considered “old school.”  But here we are. I have been telling you about a live training that will take place over the next couple of days that Steve Rosenbaum and Chad Nicely will be doing. Steve, as long as I’ve known him, has always been good at engagement and creative ways to monetize things. In fact, here is a tip. When you get his Facebook Groups guide, take note at what he does as much as what he tells you to do.