There is great incentive for me to show you all of the ways you can create a Learning Center without having to do all of the building yourself.  That way, you’ll be likely to become an Ultimate Insider to get our monthly Video PLR content.

How to Build a Monthly Payment Learning Center with Academy Pro (Workaround) 

Tonight I did a video in the group showing you how to use Academy Pro in a workaround to deliver content monthly.   Part of the process involves creating chapters in your YouTube videos or your Vimeo videos.  Go see it here:

Tomorrow: WordPress Videos with Unrestricted PLR Rights 

Tomorrow, there will be a release of WordPress videos with Unrestricted PLR Rights.  We will be putting together a package to add to this content. With our content you will end up with 6 full PLR video courses in addition to any other additional resources added by the creator.  Today, I decided to make the page available early so you can see it before tomorrow. Naturally, it won’t yet lead to the page where the underlying videos are until 9 AM EST.  But you can still see what we’ve put together here:

ICYMI – Traffic PLR Guide   

Aurelius Tjin put together a guide on traffic with all of the marketing content and we’ve assembled related resources for you to use with it. The guide is a fundamental topic which you can combine inside of your video Learning Center with any course you like. Get our resources here with the PLR: