Today, I am giving you a sneak peek at Video 7 of our upcoming over-the-shoulder video course.  I decreased the resolution and added a watermark, so you don’t have to worry that someone will have downloaded it before you get access to it next week. I will release the course to Ultimate Insiders this weekend and to the PLR Show Community on Monday or Tuesday. 

The course will be the last of the updates that I will be doing this year.  Remember…the second of three updates will be closed as soon as E-Training Playbook is released. It’s a 1-hour, personally created, over-the-shoulder instructional tutorial video course and designed to: 
1) Be a stand-alone course, or
2) Upsell to the live PLR course: 30 Day Video Reseller Challenge 

Go here to get it: 

Go here for the course preview:

Ron’s Questions About Clubhouse and The Video Kit Project 

Last night I was talking through VIP Support with Ron, one of our Ultimate Insiders. I recognize Ron when he comes through our support, as we have held his Insider Only onboarding call.  As a result, his support requests when I see them (along with other Insiders I recognize by name) go to the front of the line for Support. 

He was asking me when I thought I would complete Clubhouse.  I have completed three of the videos and am still doing first hand research. But it will definitely be February. He also suggested TikTok, which I never really considered before, but perhaps it’s a good title. He also asked if there would be more video kit titles, to which I replied that we will be trying to complete all of the PLR Experts titles this calendar year. As you know, we’ve completed two of them: 
Amazon ACX: