There are lots of subjects that make for good YouTube videos.  And, traditionally, when it comes to our video PLR, we have not allowed them to be placed on the YouTube platform. But recently, I have been releasing the transcripts and slide presentations so that you can redo them in your own voice.  And in most cases, I know you’ll then add in your own commentary. This is something that you can then put on your YouTube channel for content.  That’s why I call this a video kit. 

Volume 3 of our video kits is on the subject of Canva:
-40 transcripts of over-the-shoulder videos
-40 slide presentations of the over-the-shoulder videos. 

This breaks down into a 20 basic and 20 advanced kits. If you already have the PLR Experts content, this is a great compliment.  Go here to get it:  

Complimentary Content From Tiffany – New Limited PLR Subject 

Tiffany Lambert released a complimentary subject on content creation.  If you’re teaching your students about how they can create more content, this will help them. I suggest that you not be like everybody else, though, and look for how “easily” you can use this. I suggest that you create your own video with it. Go here to get the content:  

Tonight’s Pre-Sell Training at 7 PM EST 

Tonight at 7 PM EST, I will be pre-selling one of our PLR titles in our local Meetup.  You will be able to watch the training in the group or on our YouTube channel. Sunday, we did the pre-sell for E-Learning Playbook. If you’re an Ultimate Insider, you’ll get both the pre-sell content and E-Learning Playbook.  Go here to get signed up: 

Go here to watch the pre-sell training I did last Sunday to get ideas how you can pre-sell your own PLR offers in a workshop: