Recently, I created a mini-course on a Zapier Clone called Integrately.  I added in slides and machine transcripts to go with the content. It’s a good compliment to the subject of automation that Sajan is releasing today as a PLR package. Get it immediately in the checkout area here: 

Or go direct to the PLR page here:

Tonight’s Local Training 

Tonight is my local Meetup training.  As you know, I am creating a training archive at this point and do not expect it to be heavily attended yet. That said, there are still people that attend and come anyway. I will send the link to the training at 6:45 PM EST.  Here is a link to the last training that I did in the Meetup on Tuesday:

All Training Material Will Go to Ultimate Insiders 

Until I can get the content ready to bundle and pass on to you, I will be beta testing all of my training materials and passing them on to Ultimate Insiders to use. All of the content is designed to pre-sell our previous PLR video courses and I will eventually cover all of the 2020 content. Make sure you’re signed up here: