What is Offline or Local PLR?

Since my roots are in offline PLR, I do find out about content that people are creating in that space.  But it does require some explanation as it typically doesn’t work like the typical content or tools package. 

Recently, Nick Mancuso released offline or local PLR. For this, your end user is going to be a local or brick-and-mortar business owner; it isn’t going to be a marketer. And your sales price point is going to be higher than the typical information product. 

So, if you’re looking for something to sell to business owners, the blogging system that Nick put together serves the purpose. Get access to it here: 

The Purpose for Business Related PLR 

Business related PLR is typically put together in course form and made for you to sell to people that want that information. Now in this case, you could actually be selling to local business owners.  But it can also apply more broadly to those that want to use the information to take some kind of action. 

The most recent release that we’ve been telling you about is podcasting.  We’ve put together a package that you can use to leverage the content further. Get our resource here: 

Doing a Challenge With Video PLR 

One of the other ways to use business PLR is to teach people on a daily basis using a challenge format. This is more engagement and more work, but you build more trust with the people in the challenge. We recently strung together a 30-day segment primarily for marketers that you can use here: 

Coaching With Video PLR 

Another way to use business PLR is to coach someone through a process. Basically, you take the course that’s given to you and you give or assign videos to the individual you’re consulting or coaching. 

For example, a subject that seems fairly popular now is Virtual Summits.  You could walk someone through the process and instead of selling it as a course, you could coach them through a process. It will require more of your personal time, but you could charge accordingly.   Start by getting our Virtual Summit PLR here: