Before I get into the meat of what I want to talk about, I need to ask you…did you get our most recent PLR release on Audacity? Go here, if not:

Truly Serving Your Subscribers 

The thing that I have been thinking about with my gallbladder giving me fits last month, was that I should be thinking and talking more about health related issues.  I haven’t figured out when or how to do it, but as a public service to Ultimate Insiders…I really want to start adding it as a benefit to the membership. 

And honestly, I think you should do the same thing for your Learning Center and memberships. Giving customers a reminder to take care of themselves is good business. I pay $22 monthly (going up to $44 in a few days) for the Wall Street Journal.  And they are ALWAYS ‘all up in my business’ about my health with an article, video or feature. I’m thinking we should do nothing less than that. 

So look…maybe nobody will ever read or purchase what you post to them that is health related. That still doesn’t mean you (and I) shouldn’t do it.  Especially with a number of us cooped up behind computer screens because of this never ending plague, neither exercising nor eating sensibly. Some people just may stay subscribed to you because of it…even if it isn’t strictly business or IM. 

To that end, there have been some health related PLR offers that are worth looking at to incorporate into your Learning Center. There is one on fitness: 

And one on healthy habits: