The thing that I’ve tried to do over the years is to get people to look at PLR videos outside of the “right now” mentality.  Mainly because it leaves customers and money on the table for the longer term. Look; it’s good to want to monetize immediately when you buy something–nothing wrong with that.  That’s actually what I like about our space (Zoo/W+) over the more general business crowd…we all have a mind to monetize. 

But when you take the time to build things such as: 
1) A Video Learning Center
2) An Audience 

Everything you do builds on the next thing, instead of you having to come back over and over again to start something new.  Both of these will help you increase the value of what you’re offering as your “brand” grows. If you’ve noticed, we’ve been creating videos for you to use that allows you to build.  Every course we do has “Easter Eggs” in them, meaning, you have multiple opportunities to sell other PLR courses you have from us. 

Right now, we’re working on E-Training Playbook, which has at least 5 Easter Eggs. That over-the-shoulder instructional tutorial course will be released to Ultimate Insiders Saturday or Sunday. It will then be released to the PLR Show community Monday or Tuesday. 

The over-the-shoulder instructional tutorial course we just released is “Preparing Your Video for Resale (PVFR)” which has at least 3 Easter Eggs (opportunities to sell other PLR courses):  
1) Zoom
2) Streaming Video Playbook
3) 30-Day Video Reseller Challenge 

As soon as E-Training Playbook goes on the market, “Preparing Your Video For Resale” will have a “Sold Out” Button on it and will not be available for purchase outside of a higher priced package. You may have noticed that if you went to get “Create A Video Membership Academy,” it is no longer for sale and the button on that page says “Sold Out”…as of right now it’s only available to Ultimate Insiders. You can get PVFR by becoming an Ultimate Insider along with the other title we’re doing.  Go here to sign up as an Insider: 

OR, you can get it for a limited time…while it’s not part of a higher priced combo package. Go here to get it:

Annual Local Ritual 

Every year Drew Laughlin releases his Top Online directories to the PLR community.  Most of the people that buy it are offline/local consultants, but I like it because you can genuinely help a small business with it. Drew is a consultant and used to be a real contributor to the Offline PLR Space. But he’s really been focusing primarily on consulting in recent years.   Every year he releases this guide on the directories that business owners need to become a part of–where to find them and how to sign people up for them.  And every year, I recommend it to you because you can use it to help people now even if you’re not a small business consultant. When this wicked plague ends, small businesses local and regional are going to need all of the help to be visible they can get.   Who wants to live in a world where there is only one company you can buy things from?  But, I digress…Go here to get Drew’s once a year guide for 2021: