As we head into next week here are the Business Related PLR Guides you’ll want to be aware of: 

Microsoft Teams PLR 

These are our 20 step-by-step videos that you will be able to use for either training or teaching in your Learning Center.  The platform is growing and considered to be a competitor to both Zoom and Google Meet. What this package does is keeps you ahead of the game and seen as somebody on the cutting edge.  Go here to get it:

Affiliate Marketing PLR: Launch Price Ends at Midnight 

This package is one created by Kevin Fahey and where we stacked resources for you to use with it. I think the best way to use it is as breadcrumbs leading to the funnel where you will eventually sell access to your Learning Center. Go here to get the content and our resources:

List Building PLR 

I used to think that everyone knows what we know–that they ought to be building their own list. But the longer I stay in this game, the more I question whether they do know; and if they do, whether they’re paying attention. 

I think that “the socials” (social media) is sooooo seductive. It makes you think that whatever you’re getting right now in terms of traffic, free or paid, is going to keep coming to you.  Forever and uninterrupted. Have you seen the fights in the EU and US about these platforms lately?  Are you paying attention? And this isn’t political.  I don’t care what side of the political aisle you’re on.

People from all 10,000 political sides have an ax to grind against FB/YT/Twitter. When people get mad they want to change the socials and how they work.  And THAT ends up affecting people like me, you and your customer whether we agree or disagree with what’s proposed. 

So, using the socials….? Yes. Depending on them…? No. It all comes back to whether there is a list and whether you can manage it.  We HAVE to teach people this.  We can’t assume they know it. In a heartbeat, any platform can dry up due to forces out of your control, and in some cases, out of theirs. Get this content and our resources and start teaching: