Today is the last day for launch pricing of Francis Ochoco’s PLR video course on affiliate marketing. Remember, we have added in a set of our Clickbank Videos as well as two additional video courses on Affiliate Marketing.  Go here to get our bundle and the videos:

How to Use Outdated Video PLR 

I have always said that there is no such thing as outdated video PLR.  Simply because there is no such thing as outdated video. Even YouTube will allow you to view old videos, and they leave it to you to decide why it’s relevant. As long as you have your own Video Learning Center, your videos will remain relevant. But you need to make sure you understand what is meant when I say  “Video Learning Center.” I have explained this fully and given you the rights to use it to explain to your customers. Get this in E-Learning Playbook by going here:

How to Build Out a Learning Center 

You build out a Learning Center with fresh content.  That is the most important thing that you can and should add.  We’ve made that easy within Ultimate Insiders. By giving you the: 
1) Content 
2) Tools
3) Instruction
4) Training 

You will have what you need to build and maintain continuity with your own academy.   Go here to get signed up: 

P.S. Chad’s mind mapping PLR isn’t ending today, but will be soon, so
go here to get it.