The Etsy PLR videos we are releasing to you tomorrow morning have lots of yes in them. 
1) Yes, we show you how to use the platform
2) Yes, you can sell digital products on Etsy
3) Yes, we have transcripts for the videos
4) Yes, we have an expert interview from Bart Hennin 

So, you’ll be getting everything you need to make this work for your people.   **Oh, And yes, Ultimate Insiders will get the Basic and Advanced Version of the videos.  Sometime before tomorrow this link will change from what we did before that was new to Etsy.  Get our most recent release here: 

A New PLR Concept: Influencer Marketing 

Yesterday, I told you about a new PLR Release about the concept of being an Influencer. It’s a cross between Social Media and video.  So, I went through my inventory to find a something that you could combine it with, just in case you need to do some technical teaching.  Go here to see my additions:  

Last Day For Francis and Forex 

Today is the end of launch pricing for Francis’s PLR content on the subject of Forex.  I was able to find a video course on the subject that I will be giving you access to. It’s a full 21 Video course on the subject of Forex which will complement the content you’re getting from Francis. I realize that this is such a specialized niche that you have to be able to visualize who you’re going to pass this on to.  That said, there is a group among us that are dabbling in Bitcoin and stuff like that.   They’d be the fit for this.  Get it here:  

Personal Note  

One of the real cool things that I get to do is to meet with Insiders to onboard.  Good to find out what they’re into because there is almost always a way to plug them into what I am doing. And that same hold true for you when you join. One of your benefits is a 15 minute onboading call.  This means that Laurel and I will always be on the lookout for way to connect you with people, tie you into what we’re doing or get into what you’re doing. I will be re-opening during the first week in July.  To get first notice, make sure you’re signed up here: