There will be opportunities for marketers like you to expand your Learning Center offline into your local area.  The same things that you want to teach online marketers are just as relevant for offline marketers. In fact, you can (and should) use E-Learning Playbook to teach them how to build a Learning Center of  their own. 

That said, though, initially they will need a different kind of help and visibility.  That almost certainly means they need to be listed in every local directory that is available for their market or niche. Drew Laughlin has a guide that he releases every year of the online directories that local people need to use. He recently released his 2021 guide on how to get listed on local directories.  I will be placing this content in my own learning center directing it toward people in my local Meetup. 

You can either use it for your local area or you can certainly help other business owners outside of your local area. What matters most is that THEY are doing business locally. Do you want to charge for this information apart from your Learning Center? You could, yes…but if you’re uncomfortable because you’re not a consultant, then you could also use this as a front end or free gateway to upsell people into your Learning Center.  This is a way for you to attract the eyeballs of local businesses to get them into your marketing funnel. And you can always pass on the lead to a consultant for the finder’s fee. Go here to get Drew’s Guide:

P.S. Have you been watching and seeing the Microsoft Teams commercials lately?  They are very interesting as more companies are learning how to use them.