In last night’s monthly Ultimate Insider meeting we stayed focused on your questions for the full hour-and-twenty-minute session.  And there were a few things that came up that I think are good to pass on to the entire PLR Show community. 

As you know, I am NOT big fan of people re-doing videos in their own voice.  I think you should be creating and rebranding a video  school or learning center instead. BUT, If you feel you must rebrand or change the PLR videos in the content you’re selling, there are levels so that you don’t put too much of your time in things that may or may not increase your buyer’s desire for a subscription. Use my the guide in “Preparing Your Videos for Resale.”  If you’re teaching this concept, make doubly sure: 

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Use My Transcripts and Slides to Create New Videos 

One of the reasons that I take the extra time to do slides is for you if you want to redo the videos in your own voice. You should be adding in your own content to the transcript to make it unique. I have also started going back in time to do all of the PLR Experts content so that you will be able to redo those videos for: 
1) Workshops
2) Kindle
3) Other Platforms 

I call these Video Kits.  Why? Because you’ve said you want to take our content to make it unique for your own voice and as a result this is the absolute easiest way to do it. Get the Audacity Video Kit here: 

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