To build a massive unique YouTube training product (Step One), start with our brand new over-the shoulder-videos on the subject of YouTube Live.  They were released yesterday and if you don’t have them, get them here:

Step Two: Get the YouTube Training Released Today Plus Some Pretty Cool Bonuses 

As I said yesterday, there is some general YouTube written content training being released today.  We are putting together additional bonus content, including: 

1) 20 PLR Videos on Amazon Video Direct 

This is what you can do with your videos once you’ve uploaded them to YouTube.  If you have a course, it’s an additional location to place them. 

2) 20 YouTube Live 1.0 Videos 

This course isn’t as comprehensive as the new course.  In fact It’s a little over 38 minutes in total (The 2.0 course I just released is a full hour).  But it would be good lead magnet content and you’d have your choice of 20 videos. 

If you pick up the advanced version, I’ll add in the advanced version of both courses. Go here to get them:

Step Three: Use the New Bonuses That I Have Added to the YouTube Live Course Since Yesterday 

Since yesterday, I’ve added two new bonuses to our YouTube Live Video course.  I’ve added in yet another video course on doing YouTube SEO. You get Full PLR Rights to these courses.   And you can use them to teach other concepts that would have taken me well beyond the hour that you’re getting in the 20 over-the-shoulder videos. These two courses are now on the download page of YouTube Live. Get them here along with the rest of the content

Step Four: Use the 80 Bonus PLR  Videos That Were Already Inside of the YouTube Live Course 

It may not have been obvious, but there are 80 additional personally created over-the-shoulder videos that are part of the bonus set inside of YouTube Live. There are: 
20 Videos on Google Apps
20 Videos on Building an Interview Show 

That doubles when you pick up the advanced version since I have placed the advanced videos there also. Go here to get everything: