Last night, we added branding for the Clubhouse and TikTok PLR video courses.  If you already have them, you can get the new branding and graphics on your download page. If you don’t have them, you can get them as an Ultimate Insider or you can go to the Clubhouse Video PLR Page or TikTok Video PLR Page to get them. I will be adding new content to this series called “The Mobile And Social Branding Playbook.” Clubhouse is now Volume One and TikTok is now Volume Two. So, you can use this as a series or even a membership if you keep adding the new titles as we release them.   You will get them as they are completed if you’re singed as an Ultimate Insider. Go here to sign up:

Friends with Benefits 

I was saying to someone in support (my own personal social media) that our IM community (Zoo/W+) is so very small.   That to treat this all as big business to me is a little disingenuous. I am doing what I can to get off of that hamster wheel. So, while there are weeks and months even where I won’t recommend software, there are months like this one where I’ll do so for 3 different vendors. And while I do see the value in all of the PLR being produced (I will be writing my prediction about this market this weekend in a long blog post…so be on the lookout) I don’t recommend everybody’s every day. 

Personally, I think you should be an Ultimate Insider…first and foremost.  And then you should be building out your signature and continuity offer with a Learning Center. An after that, you need to be building a traffic, audience engagement, list building and content infrastructure by doing a weekly training for YOUR people. If you’re doing those things, you have the right foundation for tools and more PLR.  Ours first of course.  🙂 

That said, I DO have friends. And those friends have benefits. One friend/colleague, Tiffany Lambert.  I typically don’t hesitate because I know what it means to do your own research and production.  So, I am shameless in recommending her to you without the distraction of one gazillion bonuses. You DO realize that more bonuses make your less productive don’t you?  But I digress. Go here to get her latest: 

And then there my friend Joan, who doesn’t do releases often.  But when she does, I am constantly typing…take a look at it because it’s a little more than what you think. If you read this newsletter, you’re probably a little more mature and less of the “hardcore IM” mentality as someone recently wrote to me in Support.  Do not dismiss this with typical IM “Igottasellthistomorrow” thinking…. Go here: