Every Ultimate Insider does a 15-minute onboarding call with us when they get signed up.  And today, the one we did was with someone who has really started her brand with a passion and a real bona fide ‘open window’ to monetize. Her topic is actually a ‘gateway drug’ for her followers to then get interested in online business. It’s the one instance where I might relax my insistence that she do a weekly workshop.  She already has a venue and we were able to see what other people in her niche was doing. While she’s attracting she obviously needs to be building and of course, I suggested E-Learning Playbook to her. It’s PLR, but she doesn’t have to teach it.   All she needs to do is to apply the framework to her monetization. She’s already well on her way.

You too may already have a passion and open window.  Before you open that window wide, you want to put some infrastructure in place.  Nobody is ever ready for the first time their video, post or Tweet goes viral. But, you could be ready if you have an infrastructure in place so you can monetize. We teach this in E-Learning Playbook.  Go here to get it: 

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Joan The Decent 

I do a LOT fewer affiliate promotions than I have done in the past.  But when I do, I typically (not always) do them with people that I know personally. Joan is one of those people. And when she has software offer, I recommend it sometimes just because it’s Joan. That’s not the way I’m supposed to do it–I should only go where there is profit.  I know that. But with that said…when there is PLR software like this with a really unique use cases, I recommend you take a look at it. This could keep you from forcing or shoehorning something that doesn’t meet the use cases this PLR software does. Go here to get it: