As a reminder, the Podcast PLR and our bonus is still available at launch pricing.  We’ve given you a good resource to do a cool workshop to either sell the course or invite them into your funnel.  Get it here:

Ultimate Insider and Upcoming 

This week we will re-open Ultimate Insider to the public for a limited time.  This month you’ll have access to two titles, one of which will be an update called Sales Funnel Playbook. We will re-open first to those on our waiting list.  So, make sure if you’re planning to hear first and see the entire benefit list first that you’re signed up here:

Hackathon Platform Feedback 

There are several platforms that you’ve given me to consider for the Hackathon.  So far, I’ve heard: 
Product Dyno 

I’ll need to evaluate them on the the basis of how well they deliver the guts of a Learning Center.  The key is being able to turn it into a Netflix model (one price, login based, many courses). So, as you make suggestions, keep these things in mind. 

But even if all I did was to cover those that I know, plus those you’ve given me, we’ll have a supercool set of sessions. I’m not so much focused on the locking mechanism, as I am the delivery system.  The delivery system should integrate with at least one way of locking up the content. Feel free to write back with your own feedback about platforms to build a Learning Center.  Go here to understand the Learning Center business model: