You may or may not be celebrating the United States Thanksgiving Holiday.  My daughters are home, but are in the middle of their virtual semester; they’re not sure they want to take the time to cook or clean up for a traditional meal. Therefore, I will be working, as you may be, also. 

So, to that end, I will continue to work on the next video PLR title release (December title for Ultimate Insiders) and I will do a series of holiday addresses and trainings. If you have anything that you’d like for me to address, please hit reply to write back and let me know.  Go here to get our most recent release on Thinkific:

Ultimate Insiders Black Friday Sale 

On Friday morning, I will be issuing codes to give you as an Ultimate Insider half off the original launch price of our 2020 titles. This is a good time to complete your collection. Also, the following is now ready for you to request: 
1) CoachZippy License (while they last)
2) WebinarLoop License (while they last)
3) AcademyPro License (while they last)
4) Vidscribe License (while they last)
5) Liguascribe License (while they last) 

When you write for Academy Pro, please make sure to include your chosen sub-domain for me to set you up. You should automatically be upgraded to the Insider Learning Center in Teachable. If you don’t please contact me. For example, mine would be “theplrshow.” 

When you sign up, your November title will be Thinkific.  I will have December’s title done this week, hopefully. Get signed up as an Ultimate Insider here:

The PLR Show Community Black Friday Sale 

Our Black Friday sale started early last week and contains access to our Learning Center. Admittedly, it doesn’t have everything that the Ultimate Insider Learning Center has, but it is quite full. I will be adding more resources, though, as time goes forward, and soon move it to a monthly and higher ticket price. The idea of providing low ticket access is to work out any bugs with Teachable (something I wasn’t fully used to). Go here to get access to our Learning Center + Unlimited PLR: