The first upgrade for our Live PLR training courses will come on Monday with 23 over-the-shoulder videos.  This course will teach your customer how to work through the manual process of creating a video Learning Center with the kind of short step-by-step tutorial videos that we normally do in our regular courses.  This was a missing element that we needed to fix. 

The easiest and fastest way to get them as they are released is to become an Ultimate Insider.   It’s there that you’ll get not only the training and tools to have a video Learning Center academy, but also to teach your customers (which you absolutely should be doing right now).  Go here to watch our Interest Meeting: 

Or go straight to our page here:

Get the Text Based Upgrade to Previous Courses 

I have asked that my daughters help me with a text based upgrade to previous PLR video courses. That means that we have taken the Amazon ACX Video course and turned it into hand transcriptions and contextual slides. You can get access to that course here and begin re-creating the course in your own voice.  You can also add in your own examples to personalize it. When you use this content the rules are relaxed a little so that unlike the videos, you can use your re-recorded content in your YouTube channel. Make sure though that you add in your own examples. Go here to get the content:

100+ Courses in Our Learning Center 

Obviously, we are using our Learning Center in our local Meetup to monetize it.  But, it is beneficial for you to have for yourself because everything covered is something that a marketer needs to know. You can stream all of the courses from your desktop as well as from your Mobile App. And each of the courses is keyword searchable. That means that you can go to the search and look up what you need help with and go to that exact point in the video. This will save you a ton of time from going through our training content on Social and YouTube.  To get our Learning Center as well as Unlimited Rights PLR, go here: