The live Q and A I did last night combined our Local Online Meetup with our PLR Training.  And in it we discussed Sales Funnels. Basically, it was a warm up to Sales Funnel Playbook PLR, which I will be offering: 
1) As a course in our Local Meetup
2) As PLR to you so you can teach it. 

I am targeting tomorrow night or Tuesday morning to give to Ultimate Insiders and Thursday to release it to the public.  Go here to watch the replay:

Do Your Own Workshops 

To start doing your own workshops to presell your PLR, we are right in the middle of Workshop Revolution.  This is a course (along with the PLR conversion) that is complimentary to the Ultimate Insiders, but if you’ve not signed up yet…you can still get it here.

Our Last Workshop PLR Conversion 

We recently converted our last live training to PLR, editing out all of the personal references and giving you access to everything you need to teach the concept.  This was the follow up to E-Learning Playbook, which you probably already have. We’d been asked to make sure there was an upsell for E-Learning Playbook, so we figured out how to do it and made it complimentary to Ultimate Insiders.  If you’re not yet signed up as an Insider, you can get it here as well: