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Learn, Teach and Sell The Basics of Getting Started in Homeschooling

We sat down to think about what it would mean to teach new homeschoolers how to think about the process of getting started.  Having homeschooled from 5 through High School graduation there was a lot for us to say.

But we wanted to distill the information into a realizable and doable way of thinking about the process.  It can be overwhelming to get started.

So this project is one that was personally created by Laurel and I.  Laurel who did much of the day to day Homeschooling, wrote the content for you and your customers.

As a veteran PLR creator, I (Charles) am the narrator.

This is a personal project that we're wanting to see those that use it gain some ease in the process of getting started.

You and Your Customers Can Become an Overnight Authority With Our Simple To Follow Training and Instruction

Stay on the Cutting Edge With This Course and Content

So, we’ve taken the time to go over those things

In 15 narrated videos

In less than one hour…

To walk through the process

And give you everything you need to teach your customer
how it works

Baby Step By Baby Step

You Can Position yourself with an Evergreen Course which is Perfect for Newbies AND Advanced Marketers...

Here's What You're Getting:

16 High Level Expert Narrated Instructional Style Videos

Here are the Topics We'll Cover Throughout the Videos

  • 0001 What is Homeschooling
  • 0003 What Are the Benefits and Advantages of Homeschooling
  • 0005 What About Socialization
  • 0007 How to Make Homeschooling Affordable
  • 0009 How to Find the Right Curriculum
  • 0011 How Will My Child Learn Advanced Subjects Like
  • 0013 What If My Child Falls Behind
  • 0015 Can My Child Participate in Sports and Activities
  • 0002 Why Homeschool
  • 0004 Is Homeschooling Legal
  • 0006 How Much Time Will Homeschooling Take Each Day
  • 0008 Different Kinds of Homeschooling
  • 0010 Options For Doing the Teaching
  • 0012 What If My Child is Advanced
  • 0014 Are Virtual Charter Schools Homeschooling
  • 0016 Will Colleges Accept Homeschooling as Valid

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