Several updates to make today.  First and foremost, the front end of Gumroad is now complete.  I will be working on completing the back end today and tomorrow.  Looking forward to delivering it to you next week. So, as a result, I’ve not yet raised the pricing on StreamYard.  But as soon as I am position to release Gumroad the price will rise. 

Tonight’s Weekend Q and A 

At 7 pm Tonight, I will send you the link to our Weekend Q and A.  We’ll be doing it on YouTube live. I will be covering questions from the PLR Show Community and the Ultimate Insider community.  If you do have something that you’d like me to answer or cover, hit “reply” and write back to let me know what it is. (The email goes to my support which if you haven’t figured out yet, I still do my own support.) So, you can look for the link to the page at about 7 PM EST. 

Updates To Yesterday’s Webinar and the Contest App 

A few things happened on yesterday’s webinar.  First, they made an offer to put the entire Complete App project into one bundle. And that offer is now available to everyone. This would give you the whitelabel/agency version which you can use to sell the license.  It’s a lot less than buying the parts through the entire funnel. Here is the thing… I will probably keep using the one that I have (UpViral) because I have already put so much into setting up campaigns.  I probably have a good year of work into the process. But I will be attending their training on how to use and leverage Contest Apps. That’s worth the price of the front end, even if you already use a different contest app.  In fact, I will be implementing some of the strategies they discussed on the webinar this week. So, in essence, if you want to offer the service or the app, it’s worth looking at.  And if you’re not looking at the agency license, the training given will show you how to leverage a contest app. Just apply the training to the contest app you’re using. I’ve added four video PLR courses to your bonus, but quite honestly…that’s REALLY a minor part of all of this.  I even hesitate to add it because it could distract you from the most important part which is learning use and leverage a contest app. The four video courses come with full PLR rights and are taught by the now retired Stephen Luc: 
WP Engagement
WP Affiliate 
Twitter Traffic
Deal Closing Secrets

Go here to get the Application: 

Go here to see my demo:

Xtreme 2.0 Is Changing 

The goal with Xtreme 2.0 has always been to force myself into creating a signature product.  I have had the goal for a long time but not the necessary motivation. What it will become is the training you need to conduct a comprehensive workshop on weekly basis with the materials that come with it. Those that are Ultimate Insiders always get the content first, but it will still make it’s way to Xtreme.  And every time I add something, the price will go up. Go here to get signed up as an Ultimate Insider and get the best of everything: 

Go here to get Xtreme 2.0: 

P.S. If you still don’t have our StreamYard PLR, go here to get it.