Before I get into the meat of my newsletter today, I want to remind you about the upcoming Course Creation Workshop.  This is a way for you to get some more insight on how to take your PLR and turn it into courses. You’re going to get the mindset from this training which is important.   And you will be ahead of most of the people on the training because you have our video PLR. 

Also, one of the workshop trainers and I spent about an hour talking about how you can use your PLR to build out your courses and your business. You can hear the first 15 minutes in a YouTube video on my site.  The rest (36 minutes) you will get when you get the workshop. Note: I will be attending the workshop and will be available to you to answer specific questions about using video PLR in the structure they’re talking about. Go here to get access to my additional video and the workshop:

Increasing Your Audience and List on YouTube 

The last two months in our ‘spare time’ (at dinner mostly), Both Laurel and I have been undertaking some formal training on making improvements to our YouTube channel.  We’ve purchased books and courses, and for a change, we’re doing it with the expectation of learning as opposed to teaching or course creation. I’ve done so much training and content over the years and used YouTube as a dumping ground for it that I’ve probably not treated it with the respect that it’s due.  Also, I am on record as saying relying on these “free” platforms for business is a baaaaad idea. 

All of that being said, it’s crazy not to be on YouTube and have your voice on there.   Why? (I know you know this already, but it’s good to be reminded.) Because YouTube wants to keep people on their platform.  So, they will reward you with visitors to your videos if you create interesting things that make people watch and keep them engaged. That’s traffic that you didn’t really have to work for.  All you did was use their system to post your video.   Sure, there are things to learn about their algorithm.  And I encourage you to take some time to learn them. But don’t let the potential learning curve keep you from getting started teaching business and internet marketing and building your own audience. 

If you aren’t going to try to position yourself with starpower and humble bragging, you can position yourself as an educator in your subniche of business and/or internet marketing.  And there is plenty of room for you on YouTube. That’s one of the reasons why I have been re-creating workshop kits.  This is a way for you to: 
1) Create your own videos
2) Not have to appear on camera
3) Customize the script and text to fit the way your say things
4) Re-write the script into your particular topic or subniche 

Most of the IM content you see on YouTube will be PowerPoint based.  That’s because it’s easiest to create. But the content that really teaches is the kind that we extracted from our step-by-step, over-the-shoulder videos.  In our workshop kits, we’ve given you contextual slides and the hand edited transcript. Naturally, all of our workshop kits are discounted for Ultimate Insiders (sometimes up to 30%).  The discount codes are in the Member Download Area. So, the best way to get them is to be an Ultimate Insider here: 

The second best way to get them is to get our Canva Workshop Kits here:

P.S. You can go straight to the page of the Course Creation Workshop and skip my video here.  Note: They will be marketing to you aggressively and pitching other stuff.   Don’t be offended by that. Chew on the meat and spit out the bones.  And if you want to get revenge…imitate the methods they use that you like.