Yesterday, we made available an over-the-shoulder tutorial video mini-course on Integrately (Zapier Clone) available as a bonus when you get the new business related PLR package from Sajan.  It has: 
5 Videos
Companion Mp3s
Machine Transcripts
Slide Presentations

So, you can use the content as part of the course or you can use the slides to create your own videos for your YouTube channel.  This package is personally created and you can get it here:

Replay From Last Night’s Local Meetup 

We did a training in our local Meetup space last night on the Product Snowball Formula.  We basically made the training for a broader audience in order to pre-sell the video course we are now finishing and will release to you on Tuesday. It is now for a broader audience than just MMO/Zoo/W+, which helps you.  

You can use my way to train to Pre-sell and how I remade the training into my own business: Gainmindshare.  Or….you can be much more creative than I was. As you will hear in the training: 
I rebranded terms
I rebranded concepts
I chose to include teaching about PLR  

You can come up with your own terms and pick what you want to rebrand.  You can also choose to exclude teaching about PLR in your workshop.  When you teach this, you can just teach it straight as “The Product Snowball Formula.” I will release the videos early to Ultimate Insider as well as the training presentation and machine transcript.  To be signed up as an Ultimate Insider, go here: 

To watch the replay from last night, go here (I just updated the live link):