There are two things that you can add to your PLR offers if you want them to sell:
1.) Proof of you being worth it or testimonials about you
2.) Bonuses that other people can’t or won’t offer 

When you’re using your videos to build out a Video Learning Center, #2 is easier than you think. When you get the opportunity to get a highly relevant software offer, attempt to get the agency license. 

For example, if you’re building a membership site for business people, a good license to get for your people would be a webinar platform. Some will use it and some won’t but when you get it for your members, you increase the value of their purchase and justify your future price increases. 

An agency license I am getting for Ultimate Insiders is Webinar Loop, even though I am encouraging them to get their own agency license for their own Learning Center. And if you’re not yet an Insider, I am encouraging you to do the same thing.  Go through the funnel and get the agency license to add to your membership to increase the value and justify your future price increases. Go here to get the platform and our bonuses and make sure to go all the way through to get the agency license  (note: all of the pricing increases tomorrow night at midnight): 

Or use this link to go straight to the page:

Next Course For Ultimate Insiders – Anchor Podcasts 

For August, I will be delivering Anchor Podcasts as an on-screen over-the-shoulder Instructional Video PLR course.  Because there will be some new elements added that I’ve not made available in the past, I’ve not yet decided when I will launch this to the public. One of the main reasons is that I need to finish up the Hackathon and make a decision about whether or not to turn it into PLR also.   

We are now in Week Four where we will now wrap up by working on the Membership portion and the cart.  If you’re following along, that means that you’re about a week and a half away from being done with it. Go here to make sure you’re working on your Learning Center:

Looking for a Way to Add This to Ultimate Insiders Also 

One of the things I am looking to Add to Ultimate Insiders is Kaptiwa video hosting.  Had I known that I was going to redo this when they launched it, I would have purchased an agency license then. As an Insider, you would then have the luxury of a second license, if you already have one.  But from the looks of it, I don’t know if they will let me buy it.  But we’ll see.   That said, they did recently offer a coupon for you to get the launch pricing.  Go here and use these codes: 
“jvzsplstart” for 67% off the Starter Version
“jvzsplpro” for 67% off the Pro Version