The Godfather III, in my opinion, was rather forgettable and my least favorite of all three in the series. But, like the first two, it has its own meme-able and repeatable line from Don Corelone: 

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” 

This is probably what people who subscribe to your Learning Center on a monthly basis may think, when you continue to blitz them with new content, courses, training and perks to keep them subscribed. And we’ll supply you with the video content and the training content to “pull them back in”…The easiest way to do that is to become an Ultimate Insider and get a full funnel on a monthly basis to add to your Video Membership.  Go here to get signed up:

Creating Your Own Video Membership Academy Style

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A Fun Way to Change “Unknown” to Your Name 

If you are on our mailing list, you may have seen that I have been asking you to allow me to greet you by your first name or your nick-name, right? If your name shows as “Unknown,” that means that it probably came over wrong earlier in the year. We’d like to make sure that when our newsletter starts out, though, that it does greet you by your first name (or whatever name you prefer). So, you could just reply to the email and let us know what the name should be.

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And that should update your name in our system to the right one.  And if it doesn’t please let us know.