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Wednesday: 20 Videos on the Video Reseller Process 

Last year, I did a live evergreen course on how to prepare your video PLR for resale.  It is a question that I get often. However, I didn’t include an over the shoulder part of that course. Last week, I created a 20-video, one-hour course on how to remake the videos and get them ready for sale.   

It’s an important course because you have been telling me privately that you want the option of being able to redo some videos from your own perspective and in your own voice. I have always countered that by telling you that trying to actually match the timing in the videos makes this part of the process difficult. Until this course… 

I’ve basically worked out the technical process so that you can either: 
1) Resell Video PLR As-Is
2) Re-Customize PLR video 

And the course will come with PLR Rights, so you can help your customers also.   

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PS…In case you’ve not seen it, we remade a video course into a format that anyone can use to create their own unique videos.  Go here to get the package: