While I work to complete Streamyard PLR, I want to remind you of two recent training sessions I did as well as the fact that Francis Ochoco’s launch pricing ends tonight at midnight EST.  I am adding in 3 additional video courses with full PLR rights for you to use with it, recorded by Stephen Luc. Get all three here: 

Replay #1: Steve Rosembaum’s Course Creation Workshop 

I also did a training/reveal of Steve’s course creation workshop and how you can use it to take your PLR and turn it into viable courses.  If you’ve not yet seen it, you can view it here: 

Replay #2: Local Meetup/Pre-Sell of Streaming Video Playbook 

I did my Tuesday training with my local Meetup as I introduce them to the concepts you already know in internet/information marketers. In that session, I did a pre-sell of Streaming Video Playbook and taught the group how to do their own pre-sell. I pulled out the pre-sell, ran it through our machine transcription, and and added that–plus the PowerPoint to the March 2021 Folder for Ultimate Insiders. So, it was a pre-sell within a training. To get the pre-sell to use, you can sign up as an Ultimate Insider here: 

To view the training on YouTube, you can watch or listen to it here (you don’t actually have to watch it). 

P.S. Most of the training that I do and put on YouTube is made for you to listen to.  So, you can turn it on while you’re doing something else.  If that’s not an option, you can also listen to it on your favorite audio channel too.