Today is the last day for launch pricing of the PLR release from Sajan and Justin on automation.  You also get the mini-course we created when you do.  Go here to get our content + the PLR:

Interactive Quizzes for Ultimate Insiders 

I saw an interesting software package that would be good for Ultimate Insiders to have, but I thought it would be good to share with the PLR Show Community also. If you are building a Learning Center, this would be a good bonus to add to your Learning Center members.  You would give them a license on request as I am doing for Ultimate Insiders. The reason I am telling you this is because the agency license was a lot more expensive when they launched it in September.   I don’t know where it appears in the funnel and what you have to purchase or turn down to see the offer, but there is an agency license for 500 members and another for 200 members. 200 should be plenty and presently is only $97. Go here to become an Ultimate Insider: 

Go here to get the software: