Tonight at midnight EST, the podcasting PLR will end its launch pricing.  That means it will go from $9 to either $27 or $37 for the basic PDF/Word guide version. We’ve put together a set of resources that you can use in order to make the most of it by doing your own workshop on two of the most important parts of podcasting: 
1) Promotion
2) Monetization 

Get access to our additional resources here: 

Or go straight to the PLR page here:

May the 4th Be With You Again at 1 AM EST 

Tonight at 1 AM EST, I will re-open the 4th of July sale to the public for 48 more hours.  This will be the absolute last time I’ll make unrestricted rights available. That means that if you missed it, you now have a second chance to get it.  So, in addition to our evening newsletter…we will follow up late night at 1 AM EST with the re-opening.  

Niche Confidential and Ultimate Insider 

Niche Confidential, which will be my chronicle of building an audience to sell the Learning Center, will take place inside of Ultimate Insider in the member area. But I’ve decided to make it available to the general public inside of our Mobile App when it’s ready. This will be like our video diary or vlog, except we will not put our best content on YouTube or Facebook.

Plus, as I said…I really don’t want the people where I am building the audience to see what I am talking about here, since they are the subject.  I’d feel a little weird about that.  Ultimate Insider will re-open to the public late this week or early next.  Make sure you’re first to hear about it here: