Today the launch pricing for the Udemy PLR ends at midnight. As you know, we’ve made our bonus available and it’s now downloadable and ready: Get it here:  

The Teachable Launch, Though, is Just Getting Started 

We are just starting out with our new series of over the shoulder on screen tutorial Teachable PLR videos.  This is one hour and eleven minutes of over the shoulder videos. Get them here:  

The Best Way to Keep Up With My New Niche Occupation Series 

FYI: If you are following the stuff on my regular social media accounts, know that these things will be targeting my local area for my workshop and Blog Talk Radio show. That’s what the Niche Occupation series is going to be about–my journey into building an audience and niche from scratch to sell my own Learning Center and PLR (rebranded for Harper Academy). I will soon automate the entire process so that it’s going to be on ITunes automatically and you’ll be able to follow it here.  But until then you can subscribe to the video channel and playlist: