Pretty weird subject for a podcast…or at least I think it is.  But lots of people that listen to Spotify apparently love it. So, your customers don’t have to want to connect their podcast to a business.  They can just ‘read’ if they want. Whatever floats their boat. 

You just want to be there to help them get started.  And when they find out that they won’t need anything but a mobile device to get their show on Spotify using Anchor, they’ve dive into your videos once you have them. Go here so your customer can be like Levar:

Go Deeper with Anchor with Our Bonus Videos 

It’s cool that you can get on to Spotify, I’ll admit.  But we wanted to make sure that your customers understood: 
1) How to create their podcast graphics, and
2) How to navigate iTunes 

Both of these are important factors to get the most distribution for their podcast.  That’s why we included 20 additional videos with resell rights on Canva and 20 on iTunes. They’ll have what they need to succeed with this package.  Go here to get them:

Get More High Quality Instructional Video Content Monthly 

You’ve probably seen the content we’ve released since we split with PLR Experts in January at our main site here What you may not know is that we also have a monthly program with content and more stuff than I like to talk about in these newsletter. I’ll spend an extended time this evening, but for now…you can go to an old interest meeting that I did last month.