The questions most asked and answered are, how to get started with PLR, and then what the point of it all is.  And my answer has not changed over the years, although I’m getting to the point where I can express it into an understandable concept. 

E-Learning Playbook explains it well, especially if you want to have something outside of the MMO/Zoo/W+ niche. The reason for this is that everybody I know that does things in IM finds their thing quite by accident by messing up enough and trying enough different things. 

But the truth about MMO is this: Just as fast as something works, it can stop working. But continuity based on building an audience has worked since things were sold and will continue to work in the future.  If you want to understand how this relates to video PLR, AND you want to teach it too, go here:  

Closing Down Launch Pricing 

As I said this morning, the PLR training on Bitcoin ends its launch pricing tonight.  We also have additional resources that we’ve added. You can go here to see our resources and get the PLR:  

Live Training Tonight at 8 PM EST 

Tonight we’ll be on live to talk about our upcoming release on Microsoft Teams.  We’ll discuss some ways for you to use it as well as what you can expect inside of the package. Attend live via the group, our live page or this link on Zoom: 

Microsoft Teams Now Available for Preview for Ultimate Insiders 

The Microsoft Teams PLR videos are now available for Ultimate Insiders inside of the member area.  Please check your membership email for the link.  I sent you an email this afternoon. If, for some reason, you don’t have that email, please hit me in Support and I will get you taken care of. 

A $240 Webinar System? 

They make it really hard to get to but in effect Msoft Teams can be a webinar system for you if you choose to pay. But you don’t have to pay to get the most from Teams. And I’ll show you that when we release it on Friday.   

That said, the powerful, more advanced feature is that you can live stream to a select audience.  One of the applications that I can see with Teams is doing some kind of summit and keeping the videos on its private server called Stream.   Of course, you’d need to understand Teams (I’ve got you covered there) and summits. Learn use the PLR to teach summits here: